Who is Henk? (English)

My name is Henk Wolf. Many of the things I do are language-related in one way or another. I have published a few books and a large number of smaller publications touching on various aspects of language. I have worked as a teacher of linguistics and Frisian for nearly two decades, mostly at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and it predecessors. Presently I am also employed by the University of Groningen. I have contributed to a broad variety of projects involving languages.

On this page I would like to give an impression of the things I do. Should you prefer to read this text in Dutch, Frisian or German, you can select your favorite language by clicking on one of the links above.

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For years I have been lending my voice to educational and commercial parties. An example of the latter is the video commercial on the right. Next to the video you will find a link to my professional voice-acting portfolio.


portfolio voice-acting 



Is Frisian intonation in a process of change? Where does the word “tsjelreauwich” come from? How bilingual is Friesland really? Those are just a few of the questions I have addressed in newspaper columns. Those appeared in regional newspaper like Friesch Dagblad and Leeuwarder Courant, on internet sites and in printed magazines.


Mei Hindrik Sijens, Gjalt Jelsma, Jelle Krol en Ed Knotter foarmje ik de Taalbazen. Sûnt 2009 skriuwe wy alle wiken in taalstikje yn ferskate media. Hjirboppe in stikje fan ús yn de Ljouwerter Krante. Ik wurkje sûnt 2001 foar ferskate media as taalkolumnist. Link:
columns online


Fiction writing

I wrote a number of books and short stories, I was one of the editors of literary website Farsk for two years (a predecessor of Ensafh).


wunderaardichheden Link:
portfolio literature



In the nineties I worked as a professional technical translator from German to Dutch. With the turn of the century I switched to translating music and litterature from several languages into Frisian. I have also taught courses in translating journalistic and literaty texts into Frisian.

koontz Link:
portfolio translation



My research interest lies with word order and language use. I have published a number of papers on the syntax of Frisian and other Germanic languages. I participated in a West Frisian – North Frisian dictionary and did fieldwork for the syntactic atlas of Dutch Dialects SAND. Furthermore I wrote a large number of articles on linguistic subjects for a general public.


articles online



For two seasons I presented the television series ‘Praar mar Frysk’ for the regional television company Omrop Fryslân.


brecht_henk Link:
portfolio televyzje



For organisations like CITO and Afûk I have developed testing materials. I also taught courses in test making to students. The portfolio on testing provides more information.


 begr_lez Link:
portfolio teaching/testing materials



Teaching courses in linguistics, Frisian and Dutch is my main activity. Since 2002 I have been working for NHL University of Applied Sciences and a number of other Dutch and German universities. The video shows a few fragments of a course in Frisian syntax for students of Frisian.

Between 2009 and 2014 I also worked as the co-ordinator of the first trilingual teacher training in the Netherlands, which prepares students for working in one of the fifty trilingual (Dutch/Frisian/English) primary schools in Friesland.


portfolio education


Teaching materials

During the past few years the development of teaching materials has become an increasingly important task for me. The development of the knowledge bases for Frisian in higher education has been one of the major tasks. I have also participated in the writing of education materials for Frisian, testing materials for several organisations and in a number of e-learning projects. The portfolio on teaching materials provides more information.


Kennisbasis Frysk, skreaun troch Babs Gezelle Meerburg & Henk Wolf Links:
spelling videos
mini courses online
portfolio teaching/testing materials



Not everything I ever did in the language field fits into one of the categories mentioned above. Therefore I have added this portfolio of activities that might be interesting to others.


ping Link:
portfolio miscellaneous